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If you like the type of works which we are doing here as so many have already shown, you might want to show us some more love and pay it forward by helping us out as we are now in the process of getting the next book which will be called; “Waters of silver spring” (proposed title) to press. Donate Here

For a chance at winning signed copies of this new book hot off the press along with copies of earlier published works such as; 76, Clancy’s journey, and Some Sh..y vacation, send us your support via this paypal link. You could be in the running to win big, and to top it off, some lucky persons will get some acknowledgements in the finished product on top of the other fabulous prizes. No amount is too small. Only the top payed-up patrons though will be in the running for this awesome prize so please donate for a chance to win.

Here is how it's done. Just add the amount you wish to donate to the end of the link. Example, to send $25.00 USD, Use the dropdown tab beside the amt. (0.00) window to add the currency code after the amount you wish to send, in order to specify that currency. It should look something like this; PayPal.Me/Thepoetspeak/25 USD So go ahead make a donation and secure your chance at winning several signed copies of my books delivered to your door. I thank you so very much for your support.