Jamaica has got to become self-sufficient says Garvey

we import something as simple as onions, that is absolutely and totally ridiculous, Says Garvey, when we have a tropical country

Picture of Dr. Julius Garvey
The other Garvey: Julius Garvey


Hear what Garvey said to the Jamaican Government and people. ...The white economic structures is going to have to change. Jamaica has got to be prepared for that, where we've got to be self-sufficient, at the present time we import even something as simple as onions. That is absolutely and totally ridiculous, when we have a tropical country and we can have two or three growing seasons where you can grow anything: you can sow a seed out there and tomorrow you have a massive tree, not just a plant, so it's absolutely ridiculous for us not to be self-sufficient in food. 

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All about sex, and love

Looking for a good romance novel to read? It’s coming soon, be on the lookout for the first romance book  from author and poet E Lloyd Kelly #Hardcore sex talk

Looking for a good romance novel to read? It’s coming soon, be on the lookout for the first romance book  from author and poet E Lloyd Kelly

#Hardcoresex talk from a teenage boy and the women who helped in shaping him

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January jump-off | Free book promotion

Here comes January jump-off, the free book promotion

Picture of Black blood, the book

Free book promotion is here for the New Year. January jump-off is a free book promotion for all of the titles on the poet’s bookshelf. This is my way of celebrating my birthday and saying thank you to all of you my loyal supporters.

Go to the bookshelf now at: Amazon.com/author/elloydkelly 

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The Black blood story, now told

Black Blood Jamaica, tell stories you can’t put down

How to tell stories, about Jamaica? black blood has just done it for you.  

When my blood is black, and I’m Jamaican, all sorts of whacky things are likely to happen. Whether I'm Jamaican in the diaspora or at home. Come on now, let's take you on a wild ride down Jamaica way, with Black blood

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Our History Did Dot Start With Slavery

A people without a history of themselves is like a tree without roots, as the saying goes

This point was made very clear in the speech made by Dr. Garvey to an appreciative audience in Montreal recently. Garvey spoke very eloquently on the life and work of his illustrious father and what it was that had motivated him into action and launched him on a mission to redeem the black man and to reconstructing the African civilization. 

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A poem that hits the spot

Here's a poem that hits the spot

Picture of John Agard
Via; telegraph.

Here’s a piece of poetry which I came across recently and just could not resist the urge to share it with you my readers, this is a poem that hits the spot hard for me, hope it does as much and more for you.


Note: this was published in the Commonwealth Education Trust Books, 2014. I lay no claim to the ownership of this material, it is used only on my understanding of it being in the public domain and my true love for the piece.


Here is the poem By: John Agard

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Malala’s Yousafzai's speech to the Canadian Parliament put to poetry.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai addresses the Canadian Parliament as she became a honorary Canadian Citizen

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Usain Bolt swims with the sharks.

Legendary Usain Bold, the fastest man to ever walk (or run) this good ole Earth is no stranger to high stakes games or being in the danger zone.

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Saint Lucian poet and playwright Sir Derek Alton Walcott, dead at 87.

Derek Walcott died early Friday morning March 17 2017, at his home near Gros Islet in St. Lucia.

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Spaces; now available on Amazon/Kindle

New release of Spaces; the second edition, is now available in Paperback as well as ebook forms on Amazon/Kindle. Author E. Lloyd Kelly’s 2nd Edition of the book: Spaces; My space, your space and the public space with a lot more meat-to-the-bone is a tongue-n-cheek look at life as seem from the driver’s seat by the author.

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Poetry of famous spoken word artist|Marcus Garvey’s poems unearthed.

Poetry of famous spoken word artists from way back when. Learn the thought process of Marcus Garvey as a poet or dancehall DJ.

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Free read | book giveaway.

Free read two-day book giveaway is on, read “76” Clancy’s journey today for free on Amazon/Kindle.

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What’s in a name? Really?

Today I give you my “what’s in a name poem" with a view to answering the question; What does a name really mean.    In this short Poem I make no attempt at answering the questions, but just to provoke dialog.

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Flip or Flop | Flip A Coin

Flip or Flop, we had to go backand do it right.

picture of 76. Clancy's journey (Revised Edition)

Flip a coin on this one to see what the outcome may be. That’s what the poet was left to do after
a reading of the books “Some Sh...y vacation” and 76. Clancy’s vacation in their printed forms showed a number of errors, jumbled sentences and misspellings.

Some of which (we believe was caused by issues with our transmission software or processes) We were being a bit overconfident in the processes which brought about the project at the first, so when a few issues were discovered, we attempted to correct those without doing the due diligence at each step of the way as we should have done.

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Wanted | The wanted poem By E Lloyd Kelly.

The wanted poem you need to hear right now from the poet himself.

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Weekend pics and performance.

Here are some pictures from the events, this past weekend of fun and performance where the poet did a live performance of his poem; Sweet waters of Silver Spring.

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Read for free online | Read entire books online.

Here it comes, the yearend deal you have been waiting for, free online novel reading for the last few days of the year, the  final days of 2016 are as good as it gets for all you avid readers and book enthusiast.

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Jamaican poet gets glowing review in The Times.

Jamaican native poet and author Ishion Hutchinson, author of the book; HOUSE OF LORDS AND COMMONS, came in for some glowing review in the NY Times recently.

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Writer’s block help | How to overcome writer's block.

Learn how one Montreal writer and poet tackles the issue of writer’s block.

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Coming soon!!! Upcoming events from the poet

Upcoming events from the poet you don’t want to miss.  Stay tuned for more on this “not to be missed event.

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Donald Trump off to great presidency 2016.

.Donald Trump’s great presidency is off to a great start after stunning upset win.

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Choosing a leader | how to choose the right leader.

Choosing a leader is hard work, how to choose the right leader is quite another matter. Here’s a poem about choosing a leader who actually leads from in front

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Hot off the press; Waters of Silver Springs.

Hot off the press, Waters of Silver Springs is out today. Newly released book of poems by the poet himself E Lloyd Kelly, now available for download on Amazon/kindle.

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Message for Jamaican Government and people.

Timely Message for the Jamaican Government and people From The-Poet himself.

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Welcome to Montreal once again

There will be poems about Montreal traffic woes.

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