Jamaica has got to become self-sufficient says Garvey

we import something as simple as onions, that is absolutely and totally ridiculous, Says Garvey, when we have a tropical country

Picture of Dr. Julius Garvey
The other Garvey: Julius Garvey


Hear what Garvey said to the Jamaican Government and people. ...The white economic structures is going to have to change. Jamaica has got to be prepared for that, where we've got to be self-sufficient, at the present time we import even something as simple as onions. That is absolutely and totally ridiculous, when we have a tropical country and we can have two or three growing seasons where you can grow anything: you can sow a seed out there and tomorrow you have a massive tree, not just a plant, so it's absolutely ridiculous for us not to be self-sufficient in food. 

Here now is an excerpt of Garvey's speech for your sampling:
 I think Jamaican are a very special people do you agree? Then you're right.
I think that the reason why we are so special, is because we have gone through so much- we've gone through the horrors of slavery and the subsequent horrors of colonialization, without any restitution for stolen, free labor and we have had to develop out of that background. Which went on for 350-400 years. That's a very long time to be brutalized- for having to go through hell on Earth. And I think that is why it is important for us to honor our heros, because our heros are the ones who fought free from the Spanish in 1865 and then from the British subsequently in: Tacky, and Nanny, and Sam Sharpe who said he would rather die on yonder gallows than to live as a slave. And of course, he paid with his life for so many others. But his rebellion in 1832 was what paved the way for the end of slavery in the Caribbean in 1834 

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