Usain Bolt swims with the sharks.

Legendary Usain Bold, the fastest man to ever walk (or run) this good ole Earth is no stranger to high stakes games or being in the danger zone.

Picture of Usain with the sharks
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Being in the danger zone may have taken on a different meaning if one is to go by appearances and the appearances are daring to say the least. Usain Bolt who was among 20 other world class athletes recently featured in an article entitled; 20 athletes’ Instagram accounts that’ll make you green with envy, was seen skimpily clod hiding behind sunshade glasses slightly suspended above the waters laden with angry-looking sharks. At first glance it would appear as if Bolt is actually in the water with the sharks, but for the man who seems to relish life on the edge, being in the water with those sharks or just slightly suspended above it is like one and the same to him

His account will keep you guessing on the off-season, the article went on to say, and when he’s competing you’ll be treated to his celebrations and facial expressions as he burns his competitors. His Instagram followers will also get an inside look at how the fastest man alive trains, so maybe you can learn something and beat your friends in a race. Read the rest of the story here

Usain Bolt (@usainbolt)        


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