Donald Trump off to great presidency 2016.

.Donald Trump’s great presidency is off to a great start after stunning upset win.

Picture of the poet & Author; E L Kelly
The Poet speaks again

Donald Trump’s great presidency starts today.

After a convincing win which no one saw coming, Donald Trump is off to the white to become America’s 45th president. Congratulations are in order for the man and him only since it would seems as if he single-handedly drags the rest of the Rep. party back into a dream position where they holds control of both the house and the senate.

On the other hand my sympathies goes to Senator Clinton and the Dems. Who has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They were so sure of victory that they had prepared only a victory speech. Caught off guard they had to put off their response until the following day.


Oh come on! You tell me this, had the outcome of the election gone the other way; the way everyone predicted, expected it would go, do you thinks that anybody would be too tired to; deliver or hear the victory speech even at daybreak on the following day? I’m just saying, and that’s all I’m going to say on that side of the leger. 

So “The Donald” campaigned on a theme of making America great again, and his foot is now in the door. What sort of president will he be is left to be seen, I for one though is betting on him going down in history as one of the best.


Before you stone me, please allow me to add; the long drawn out campaign has proven a lot of things about a lot of people none more so than Donald, and by far the giant load of it is not very flattering to say the least. But if one should take the time to look a little deeper, one might begin to see a lovely Gem emerging.

For one thing, there is hardly any surprise left to come out of the Don’s closet. The Don has shown that whatever one may throw at him he just shrugs it off like water off of a duck and moves on, he his relentless in his pursuit of whatever he is after. And what I think most of his supporters as well as myself in putting fort this argument, is that Donald his not from among the political establishment, (he’s an outsider) and most importantly, his is a very experience person in; business, world affairs, the taxes system (for better or worse) and finally the working of the system as it apply to business. And that is what I am hearing him saying needs to change to level the playing field somewhat in order to give more Americans a chance at achieving the dream.


On the morning after  the vote, the pundits were busy as everyone has his/her take, I did hear one or more people; in commenting on his acceptance speech, make the remark; “I never thought he has it in him” that is to give such a noble, well-thought-out and dignified speech. Well, welcome to the launching of the Donald Trump’s great presidency. After all, when one is starting from zero, there is only one direction left to go. 


Very recently I was privileged to see the same sort of scenario played out elsewhere, where one leadership candidate who many thought has less than a snowball’s chance in hell to win, actually won and boy! Has he surprised many by the way he has been performing since. I wrote a poem in support of this individual and the team behind him. I think that poem might be fitting here too.  Here is the poem called;


To be a Leader (leading from in front)        


 They said that you couldn’t win it

They said you weren’t ready

They said that you have way too many friends

Whom you done turned to enemy


They said that you couldn’t do it

They said you were too young

“I’ve got this”, you told the doubting clan

Then went on to won it, by a margin of one.


“Just one you know” many was quick to say,

And that one was never enough to get you all the way

But the others who knew’s that they couldn’t lose,

 Know that they’d lost it by a runaway.   Read more


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