Message for Jamaican Government and people.

Timely Message for the Jamaican Government and people From The-Poet himself.

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The Poet speaks again

After seeing an article in social media about a medical outfit in Jamaica which has built for themselves two Ambulance for use in their facilities, out of two minibuses acquired from Japan or China, saving themselves millions of dollars in the process. 

I couldn't resist the urge to write down my thoughts on that. Is this a good thing or just another waste of time and money? Well, the debate is on 

Here is my take on it.

I think it is a very good start however, the destination is of far more importance to me. I've heard it said somewhere that; Jamaicans are sample people, meaning they may come up with some novel ideas but getting to the next level where those ideas are put to work is rare or none existing for the Jamaicans, others might well end up reaping the benefits from the next step but not us as Jamaican.

Well, that needs to change and here is a perfect example of a project that can be developed to realize its fullest potential.

Consider this:

Jamaica has just built some world class highways employing the expertise of the Chinese, and by all reports, they have done a fantastic job. The Chinese however were not born being world class engineers or become same overnight. One would imagine that it must have took them decades or centuries of trial and error on the road to perfection.

The same can be said for the Dutch, Germans or any other world renown engineering sect. The self-respecting Jamaicans who are desirous of etching a place for himself in the world is going to have to take the hard road and be willing and ready to take steps, make mistakes on the learning curve and hone his skills correcting them, until he becomes a master of his craft too. 

That’s how the other guy's do it, no matter what they might try to tell you. So let's say we get serious about this Ambulance building project, the government getting involved via HEART and the ministry of health for instance, we mandate them to build these vehicles to be used in Ministry of Health facilities starting at the Parish level and then gradually move up, as an example.

One would then need to make some allowance for the occasional dud or lemon, even the well establish and major motor makers have some of those, too many I might add. The point here is, give your own people an opportunity to develop their craft, when the mistakes come which they will. Point them out, return them (the defective products) to be corrected at their expenses until its done right. Never accepting any faulty product, since we don't want to be seen as glorifying mediocre, the good ones will be getting better and the bad ones will be faded out naturally.

All the while bearing in mind that what you are doing, is building a masterpiece for the future. The same can be done with our roads, yes I know that we've got some good roads now, thanks to the Chinese, but there still is no shortage of minor and inner city roads that needs upgrade and maintenance, another good opportunity to put to work the great craftsmanship which is already available alongside a bunch of new and eager talents in another long term program geared at developing them into master crafts men.

It is not beyond us to become world renowned at these crafts and be on the list for other countries to call on for these specialized services. Over to you Nation Builders and Leaders for the Jamaica of the future.

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    The-poet (Saturday, 29 October 2016 17:28)

    Jamaica has just built some buses, is this just another sample or will it become the norm? What do you think?