Welcome to Montreal once again

There will be poems about Montreal traffic woes.

There will be poems about some bad days and not-so-bad ones too, but this is Montreal the fairest of them all. 

Whatever you do. don't sweat it, relax and enjoy the ride.

Here is the poem as seen from the driver's seat


Welcome to Montreal once again


Welcome to Montreal once again, a place where all varied views can contend

Even though one might get turned around and sometimes and get send, to the far side of the farm to water and tend, yes it’s okay to get upset on some day but… be sure to make your way back to Montreal again


This is my Montreal, and she’s the fairest, finest city of them all

World renown for her many festivals,

Rubbing shoulders with street protesters, and carnival

So what if there are a few traffic delay,

Or a construction worksite causes them to turn you away

Because the ramp has just been closed which leads to the highway

This is Montreal for you, enjoy it anyway


This is not a problem about which to complain,

You just might be pleasantly surprised at what awaits you down the lane

Might just be another reason to ditch the plan to never set foot here again

But go add this “new find” to your bucket list and make it Montreal, one more time again


That plan you’d made to tour Centreville

Was disrupted by backhoes, jack-hammer and a thousand drills

And you’re finding it hard to swallow the bitter pill

It’s okay, make a U-turn and go see St. Joseph on top of the hill


But whatever you do and wherever the road leads you from here my friend, make sure you make the effort to make it Montreal one more time again.


E Lloyd Kelly 27/10/16


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